About us

Wind1000 was born in Galicia (Spain) as an industrial independent company in 2010, offering a wide range of professional services for the wind power industry internationally.

We have a dynamic and young team with a solid experience at the wind power sector, guaranteeing our clients a high level of satisfaction and receiving a positive feedback at all stages of the services provided.

Our mission at Wind1000 is to manage all aspects of the services hired, taking care of all planning and execution stages of the projects with a transparent communication with our clients.

Due to the growth of the wind power sector, Wind1000 has focused on providing all services to the global market, implementing projects anywhere in the world with the same quality standards than those projects done nationally.

This growth, together with the strong professional skills of the teams, has taken Wind1000 to manage projects at all five continents.

Our internationalization has allowed us to stablish business contacts across many countries, widening our services globally and improving the speed, the flexibility and the price. Nowadays we can offer a geographical availability with a low response time for action.


Wind1000’s mission is to provide outstanding quality on our services delivering management and follow up controls of the services hired, taking care of all planning and execution stages of the projects always with a clear and transparent attitude towards our clients.


Wind1000’s vision is to reach the highest level of quality on our services, reach the personal and professional development of our employees, reach the leadership on the wind energy sector and create a sustainable value for the communities and the environment.


All our services are carried out at a global level, moving our working teams to any place in the world to deal with any wind power project.

We have a young and lively team, with a wide experience on the wind power sector which is well qualified to work with any wind turbine model at any place in the world.

We have teams across our offices internationally, which allows us to undertake any project, regardless its difficulty and situation, with speed and flexibility.

“Security first” is at the top of all our operations. The goal of our Security policy is to constantly improve employees working conditions in order to reach the highest security levels and the health and wellbeing of our workforce.

Our business model is based on the creation, promotion and management of infrastructures, energy and services, with a sustainable focus to contribute to the social wellbeing of the communities and the sustainable development.

This approach is accomplished considering the corporate social responsibility values, the satisfaction of a well-done job, a helpful service, technical skills, an innovative drive and the accomplishment of the applicable law, what has helped us obtain the ISO 9001 : 2015 , ISO 14001 : 2015 and ISO 45001 : 2018 regulations.

Headquarters Team

Jesús García Mallo
Jesús García MalloCorporate General Manager
Diego Garrido Cousillas
Diego Garrido CousillasCorporate Business Manager
Carlos Louzao Aris
Carlos Louzao ArisCorporate Operations Manager
José Miguel Rey Pardo
José Miguel Rey PardoOperations Coordinator
Sergio Servia Rodríguez
Sergio Servia RodríguezOperations Coordinator
Miguel Cabaleiro Pita
Miguel Cabaleiro PitaOperations Coordinator
Sabino Calvo Morado
Sabino Calvo MoradoSr. Project Manager
Jesús M. Romaní Fernández
Jesús M. Romaní FernándezSr. Project Manager
Elena Soñora Soñora
Elena Soñora SoñoraFinance Manager
Elena Iglesias Sánchez
Elena Iglesias SánchezPurchasing Manager
Fernando Pérez Blanco
Fernando Pérez BlancoSales Coordinator
Cristina Dafonte Raña
Cristina Dafonte RañaQ & E Manager
Q & E
Oscar Daniel Garrido Cousillas
Oscar Daniel Garrido CousillasIT Manager