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Supervision & Inspection

Supervising all installation works, carrying out quality controls at all stages of the assembly of any of the wind power projects, and implementing technical checkups of the main components of the turbines, it’s key to extend the lifetime of the wind generator and to prevent erosion and early damages that could harm the turbine.

At Wind1000 we believe on the importance of carrying out constant supervision and inspection follow ups, at all stages of the assembly of the wind farm to guarantee the generation set and safe operations of the wind farm in the future.

Assembly Supervision- Quality

  • Providing assembly support to the project manager.

  • Transport coordination.

  • Control of materials and installation equipment.

  • Assembly supervision and control.

  • Control of assembly techniques.

  • Supervision and coordination of suppliers.

  • Elaboration of project work diaries and internal reports.

  • Follow up of non-conformities reports on site.

  • Follow up of missing materials.

  • Quality revision and inspection coordination.

  • Follow up of mechanical complexion works.

  • Commissioning follow up and coordination.

  • Safety and Quality Plan compliance.

  • Environmental actions follow up.

Inspection & Damage Repair

  • Ground inspection of blades, sections and nacelles with high power telescopes.

  • Thermograph execution to check cracks and imperfections on blade casts.

  • Ultrasound welds inspections.

  • Direct height inspections with fixed men baskets on blades, sections and nacelles.

  • Blades: damage to leading edge, trailing edge, root, bubbles, aerodynamic edge tape, small cracks… When blades damages are too serious as to height reparations, we carry out corrective maintenance works lowering the rotor or blades.

  • Sections: corrosion, paint chipping, flange joints, small dents, scratches…

  • Nacelles: cover damages, faulty seals, small bumps…

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